Dreaming of Wolves

Wolf Research in Romania

A researcher examines the remains of a large male wild boar that was killed and eaten by two wild Eurasian gray wolves being studied by the Carpathian Large Carnivore Project near Zarnesti, Romania.

A pack consisting of only two wolves would have trouble killing a healthy male wild boar of this size, so it may have been sick or previously injured by hunters. The kill site was located about a half kilometer from a small ski area where skiers were swishing down the slopes as the research team investigated. The site was analysed, the remains weighed, and the head collected in order to estimate the size and age of the wolves' prey.

In Dreaming of Wolves you can experience the excitement of this and other discoveries as the wolves of Transylvania are monitored and tracked and their dramatic story of hunting, mating, and raising their young – including their conflicts with humans – unfolds in the snow-covered mountain forests of Romania.

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