Dreaming of Wolves

Eurasian Wolves - Behavior and Ecology

Crai ("King"), a male Eurasian gray wolf, gazes down the slope of the wolf enclosure behind Cabanna Lupului ("The Wolf Cabin") where the author stayed while working as a volunteer for the Carpathian Large Carnivore Project (CLCP), near Zarnesti, Romania. Although friendly to most project personal, who they regarded as pack mates, Crai and his sister Poiana ("small meadow in the forest") were very wary of strangers who approached the enclosure. The wolves were kept for research and public relations purposes by the CLCP, which was working to develop and implement strategies to help protect the remarkable and unique natural heritage of the Carpathian Mountain region of the Romanian province of Transylvania.

In Dreaming of Wolves you will learn about the behavior and ecology of wolves in Transylvania, including their conflicts with humans: the farmers and shepherds and hunters with whom they share the spectacular mountainous landscape. You will also read entertaining and informative stories about the activities of the researchers who were working to understand and resolve the conflicts and to provide objective information to the public, thereby helping to promote the conservation of the elusive predators and their habitat.

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