Dreaming of Wolves

Rescued Wolves Howling in the Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian Large Carnivore Project's captive wolf siblings Poiana (a female) and Crai (a male) enjoy a howl. During the author's stay at "Cabanna Lupului" (the Wolf Cabin) near Zarnesti, Romania, in southeastern Transylvania, the wolves' melodious and eerie vocalizations often delighted the many tourists who came to photograph and interact with the pair. (Click on the photo above to hear a recording of howling wolves. The sound file may take a few moments to download.)

The wolves were rescued as pups from a fur farm in Romania, and served well their research and public relations roles for the CLCP. Dreaming of Wolves relates many interesting anecdotes regarding the behavior of these animals, and describes the daily adventures of a group of students and eco-volunteers who lived with and cared for the wolves while assisting in the study of their wild cousins roaming the nearby forests.

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Wolf howls courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service