Dreaming of Wolves

Wolves, vampires, and tourism in Transylvania

Offically called the "Bran Castle," this imposing structure is purported to have been the residence of Vlad III Dracula (also known as Vlad "Tepes", Vlad the Impaler), the cruel Prince of Transylvania during the 15th century and the inspiration behind the famous 19th century novel about vampires by Bram Stoker. The presence of this castle has created a vibrant tourism industry for Bran, which now also includes agri-tourism on picturesque farms the dot the nearby foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. As a result, Bran is noticeably more affluent than the neighboring villages.

In Dreaming of Wolves you will read an account of wolves which, as in the famous novel, roam the surrounding hills hunting for prey. But, being real wolves, their quarry is four-legged not two. As you track the predators with researchers, you will discover fascinating facts about the castle, the historical Dracula, and local vampire folklore, as well as brief histories about the ancient Dacian and more recent Roma inhabitants of Romania.

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