Front cover of Dreaming of Wolves

"Life flashes past many eyes: resident, tourist, voyageur, even those of wolves. Dreaming of Wolves provides introspection through the eyes of a wolf. Alan's journey explores an inward look at mid-life crises, personal feeling, community economics, ethnic survival, cultural bias, and national politics while trying to [understand the life] of a pack of Romanian wolves. To know life, his life, the author travels to a remote, foreign setting seeking knowledge about wolves, and learns about himself. Yes, it is a travelogue, a personal adventure, but it is also a narrative explaining wolf ecology and behavior versus rural cultural integrity and history. Read it to understand wolves and to understand people at the delicate interface were a few wolves exist almost secretively next to rural people still attached to their lands and agricultural practices. I recommend Alan's work not only as a natural history reference but for showing that we can exist with wild animals even as planet earth approaches an overflowing human population."

– Dr. James C. Halfpenny, President, A Naturalist's World and author of Yellowstone Wolves in the Wild and several more titles.

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An extraordinary portrait of the lives of wolves, the researchers who study them, and the rustic highlanders who share their landscape in the mysterious wilds of Transylvania. Here we take an enchanting journey, tracking wolves through the deep snows and dark forests of Romania, where "Old Europe" still hangs on, hardly touched by modern trends or discovered by western travelers. Guided with humor, insight, and vivid description, we make a memorable trek, fending off belligerent shepherd dogs and foul weather to discover history, legend, and myth: Ancient "wolf-warriors" (Dacians), colorful Romani (Gypsies), legendary vampires (Dracula) and more. As we contemplate the benefits of wilderness, the joys of self-discovery, and the nature of time and consciousness, we are also entertained with 32 pages of stunning color* photographs.

* NOTE: A revised and updated edition of Dreaming of Wolves was released in 2022 that includes a two-page preface updating the status of wolves and other large carnivores in Romania as well as corrections to a few minor errors; unfortunately, due to higher printing costs, the photos in this new edition are presented only in black & white.

8.5" X 5.5"
258 pages
32 pages of black & white photographs and maps.

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